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  • Wireless is Here...

    Ivy Rose offers the following Internet connection options:

    1. Hi-Speed Internet via wireless technology that blankets the property. This provides most rooms with wireless Internet access*. This allows any guest to access the Internet using one of the Wireless Ethernet Adapters available at the front desk.(*Rooms without Wireless Internet Access, have alternative Hi-Speed Internet Connections. See below)

    2. Hi-Speed Internet via Ethernet over Power Line Adapters. Some rooms are equipped with this Hi-Speed Internet Access technology. This is available in Rooms: 158 through 168 and Rooms: 273 through 283

    3. Hi-Speed Internet via hardware Ethernet connections. Some rooms are equipped with direct Ethernet jacks for Internet access. This is available is Rooms 284, 285, 286, 287.

    4. Hi-Speed Internet via a hardwired Ethernet in the main lobby. (This is only available to 1 user at a time).

    5. Dial-up Internet via phone jack connection in main lobby. This provides a regular dial-up Internet connection.